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Construction Expenses helps you record all construction expenses and collects the stages of building your home in one platform in an effort to improve financial management
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We are the construction costs application. We aim to facilitate and calculate all the construction expenses that were spent during the construction stages on a single platform to facilitate the recording of everything spent with ease. We help you in applying construction costs to save time and effort in recording all construction expenses. We offer you all the main sections of the construction stages and all the subsections to make it easier for you in all the stages that the construction is going through. Vision : Providing the highest quality...
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Our Vision

To achieve enhanced and increased accuracy in recording construction expenses on an integrated platform with the highest professionalism, in an effort to improve financial management in line with your estimated budget.

Our Message

The message of the “Construction Costs” application is to provide integrated services and provide solutions and technical consultations using the best and latest available methods and methods in the field of construction that customers need to develop their business, which will benefit them and their business and contribute to the growth of their business.

Our Services

Discover How We Can Manage Your Expenses For Construction Costs?


Record payments and expenses paid to contractors with ease.


Statistics for each project

Export files
Export files

Export files with all project costs.

Financial Transactions
Financial Transactions

Use any currency.

Project State
Project State

Know the status of each project.

progress rate
progress rate

Know the percentage of progress in each project.

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Easily calculate your costs

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Indeed, it is one of the best applications that I have used and is very useful in the field of contracting.
Abdullah Badr
A very excellent application that helped me a lot in my work. I will do justice to my experience.
Ali Al Rashdan
Civil engineer
The easiest application I have dealt with interested in this field.
Wejdan Al Shahrani
Engineer decorations
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