Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the official “Building Costs” application in addition to all of its applications supported on Android and iOS devices. You must agree to the terms of this agreement after carefully reading its terms and before creating any new account or using the services and content of the application, once you have filled out the login form for the first time; This means that you agree to all of the following terms and conditions and pledge to abide by them without restrictions:

User behaviors:
When you enter any data or content to the application, you agree to abide by the rules of public decency and are recognized in the community, and in the event that you violate these rules, the application administration has the right to take all necessary measures and measures to prevent you from using the application or logging you in again.
“Construction Costs” has the right to edit, reformat, reclassify, restructure or reposition any of the personal data and posts, as well as the full right to pre-sort and delete any such information that may appear inappropriate or inconsistent with the terms of use.

Complaints and suggestions:
In the event of any complaints or suggestions related to our services, please contact us through the means of communication mentioned in the “Contact Us” screen.

Data protection:
Data protection is our top priority, so we take all precautionary steps to protect your data and privacy, and we always strive to use the best methods and methods to ensure comprehensive and complete security of all your sensitive details and data your. Therefore, we are constantly developing and revitalizing Building Costs with firewalls and detection systems to monitor and identify potential security breaches and failures.

Update terms and conditions:
Only those responsible for managing the application are allowed to add, remove, change, update and waive the items and information mentioned above at any time. As we update the terms and conditions from time to time, so it is advised to review all the details before and during the use of our services, and the updated terms will be considered effective as soon as they are published on the official application in addition to the ability to view them through the applications